1 | Face mask is Compulsory for entry in institute. 2 | Following Covid-19 SOPS is mandatory in the premises of campus.

Message from Mr. Muhammad Hashim Ghilzai

Secretary Colleges, Higher and Technical Education, Balochistan

Gwadar institute of technology has been established to provide quality technical education to the youth of Makran and Gwadar to enable them to contribute towards the development of the area and benefit from opportunities being provided by upcoming Gwadar Deep port and related industrial sequel to CPEC

Academic programmes play an important role in the professional development of the students of an institute. Similarly, extracurricular activities are essential to polish their true potential, team spirit, develop leadership traits and provide means of social integration through the ability to express oneself orally and physically. The new initiative of GIT with regard to launching an official college website is a welcome step, which will play an important role and will provide a medium of communication to its students, faculty and public in large. I feel great pleasure to convey my message of deep appreciation at this occasion.

I would personally like to appreciate all the hard work and diligent efforts that have put into for attaining such goals and wish all the best to the institution, management, faculty and students. May Almighty Allah be with you (AMEEN).