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It was in 2002-2003 that the then President of Pakistan, General Parvez Musharraf, accorded priority to the development of human and natural resources of Pakistan in general and Balochistan in particular. Accordingly, then Prime Minister, Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali constituted a committee of experts to assess the educational and vocational needs of the Gwader youth in particular and Baloch youth in general.

The committee was focused to carry out situational analysis, work out future requirements of vocational/ technical/ higher education, ascertain needs of the area with special reference to Gwadar Deep Seaport and analyse emerging technologies for future needs.

The committee noted expectations of the area and after detailed analysis put forward their views as given below:-

  1. The present level of vocational training, technical and higher education is not compatible, should therefore be enhanced.
  2. In order to meet future needs of Gwadar area, emerging technologies be introduced.
  3. To enhance opportunities for local employment – need for the skilled local manpower, existing vocational training centre be strengthened.
  4. Multiple prompt strategies to be adopted for training of all kinds of local manpower to meet emerging requirements for Gwadar seaport and related industrial / business activitiesin and around Gwadar city.

The detailed study carried out by the committee amply highlighted the requirement of establishing an institute in Gwadar which should meet its technologically educated manpower shortfalls. This formed the basis of developing Gwadar Institute of Technology. The institute was envisaged to cover emerging technologies in the fields of food preservation and industrial electronics. Thereafter it was agreed by the Federal and Balochistan Provincial Governments that its establishment cost would be borne by the Federal Government and recurring expenditures to be met by the Government of Balochistan. The constructional works started in 2005 and got completed in 2012.


Gwader Institute of Technology (GIT) to be transformed into an internationally recognized Engineering University as an ICON for professional engineers to contribute in social economic development of Gwader focusing on emerging technologies


Produce manpower; commensurate with needs of the industry, to improve its quality to enhance employability of students by moving from supply based system to demand driven mechanism.


To strengthen effectiveness and competitiveness of technical education through policy reforms to improve quality, relevance and efficiency of Technical Education and Vocational Training in the Province of Balochistan.

  1. To improve flexibility and responsiveness to labour / job market required for technical education.
  2. To give a boost to the regional and local development of the area and produce skilled manpower needed for the operations of Gwadar port as well as allied industries.
  3. To contribute to overall social and economic development of Balochistan with special reference to coastal areas.
  4. To divert prospective seekers of higher education from a purposeless general education to a meaningful technical education.
  5. To improve the institutional framework for policy formulation planning and management of the technical education system.
  6. To strengthen entrepreneurship by establishing strong linkages between institutions and industries of Gwadar port.
Selective expansion for the technical graduates of coastal areas and introduction of new technologies.